Ultime Uscite

Antipathic - Covered with Rust (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti
Malice Garden - S.I.N.
Sheer Cold - Cryogenic Revival (feat. Shrine of Malice) (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti
Lutharo - Wings of Agony
Ardra - Unto Leviathan (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti
Temple of Void - The World That Was
Mass Damnation - Turmoil
Ulfven - Bland aska och sten
The Borealist - Arkaik
Entheos - Remember You Are Dust
Electrozombies - Darkness Is Rebellion
Moon Presence - Emissary of the Choir
Lutharo - Barren
Barren Lutharo 2020
Pit of Blood - Annihilation Sequence
Eyexist - Celebrated Chaos
Zorra - Dicotomia
Dicotomia Zorra 2020
Ulfven - Häxkonst
Häxkonst Ulfven 2020
The Outsider - Bringers of the Apocalypse (feat. Kristian Niemann)
Soul Factor - Resurgence of Chaos (Remastered)
Immortal Force - Into the Necrosphere
Blackbird - Nullis Perpetuum (Instrumental)
Paingiver - Deorum Mortis (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti