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Francisco Bochatón - Mundo de Acción
Francisco Bochatón - Píntame los Labios
Ninja Lash - Ave Fénix
The Jacob James - The Jacob James
Peter Spika - Reminiscencia
Jay Luke - Trapped in Your Cell
Dionysus - Circus (Remastered)
Urban Jack - Urban Jack and the Savage Sophisticates
Tremendous - Relentless
Haunted Cat - Third Degree Moonburns
Taste - Stand Up
Stand Up Taste 2020
Alex Elliot - Your Friends Are Not Who You Think They Are
Mamadrama - MILF
MILF Mamadrama 2020
Parlour Bells - The Ballad of Felix Moncla
Slick Velveteens - Sweet Victim
Meadow Zero - Cardinal Follies (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti
Kennethf - Hope
Hope Kennethf 2020
V.A.L. - A Different Kind of Love
Los Vigilantes - Yo No Quiero Ver a Nadie Hoy
Los Corazones Imposibles - Grandes Éxitos
Clone - Clone (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti
Arrow Beach - Juicy Fruit Castle
Wild Poets - Déjalo Ser
Clone - Stardust Parade
Monday Shock - Rude Awakenings
Clone - Bubblegum (Explicit)Contiene contenuti espliciti
Meadowzero - Pirouette Falter
Crosson - Rock 'n' Roll Love Affair
Rob Fidel - Cosmic Blue
Llano River Blue - Self Made Girl
Rich Kid Express - Bubblegum Radio
Boys' Entrance - Boys' Entrance Presents Bowie's Entrance, Vol. 2
James Golding - Kick Me out of Bed
Blonde Tiger - 20th Century Boy